Optiko is a not-for-profit volunteer project, run to promote both

analogue photography and amateur photographers.


Optiko  is a not-for-profit collaborative online and printed project based in the UK,  that showcases the work of predominantly amateur photographers, who still like to shoot with film.


Optiko was created in 2011 by Steve King (later joined by his brother Adam) as an online project, to highlight the work of the many analogue photographers that we were aware of, but also to allow other photographers to share their work on our Flickr group pool.


We believe that photographs should be seen in print as well as on screen, so we made a decision in 2012 to produce our first zine. 6 years and 7 zines later, the number of submissions has far exceeded the number of pages the zines can accommodate. The Journal project will allow us to include many more of these submissions, without losing focus of our original objectives.


All copies of the 2018 Journal have been sold, but you can read about our successful Kickstarter project here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/optikojournal/optiko-analogue-photography-journal


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Additionally, you can email us here with any questions or feedback: optiko.journal@gmail.com